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Testimonials For The New Gardeners’ Toolkit: Essential Skills for a Productive Garden

 This beginning garden planning course will walk you through planning your garden from an idea to implementation.
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“This is a great course! For beginners this gets you started from a very solid place. For the seasoned gardener, this course is great for reevaluation and refreshing on what you are currently doing. This was well worth my time spent as someone who has been gardening for years.” ~ Miranda Johnson

“Hands down, I would DEFINITELY recommend Gretchen’s Happy Homestead. This is such and amazing, educational, helpful site and I have learned more than I could imagine. Before I took one of the classes offered, I was what you called a “plant killer”. I have learned so much and so many different aspects to so many things. I am super excited about all this new knowledge on things I never knew.. I absolutely LOVED it and just didn’t want to end the class. Now, with my new knowledge, I am truly excited to start my homesteading.” ~ Tina Hudson