Here at the homestead we are always learning and growing. As I find great resources, I want to share them with you. Many of these resources are provided by other family businesses because I choose to support local and family business as much as possible on my homestead. I hope this list is helpful to you and be sure to check back regularly, as this page will be updated as I have more things to share. 

Happy Homesteading, 

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I love the process of making and drinking tea on a cold day. During the summer months a nice glass of iced tea is so refreshing as I take a break form the garden. 

This family business supplies a great variety of heirloom seeds. They also have a great Free Garden Planning Calculator to help determine when to plant your seeds.

I have taken several courses by the Homesteading Family. This Practical Homemade Dairy Course is the one I am taking currently but they also offer canning, breadmaking, herbal medicine cabinet and a variety of other courses. If you are interested in taking several courses, I would recommend their membership program. It includes all the courses and a great community to answer questions.

Melissa K Norris is an amazing resource for all things related to the homestead lifestyle. She has herbal, canning, cooking and gardening courses and resources. She has a great podcast and blog. This link will take you to the homemade sourdough course which I took last year.

So Natural Val is a wellness business that focuses on celebrating the talents and strengths of women while creating natural wellness plans with the use of essential oils, holistic healing, integrative health, and personalized coaching.

 If you are at all interested in starting your own website, this is a great resource. I used this easy step by step free tutorial to set up my site and start maximizing results.