What new features are you adding to your homestead this season?

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I am setting a goal to add one new thing each year/or season. My homestead is just barely getting started. We moved in November two and half years ago. The first summer we had a small small garden and assessed what we had. We started off with some herbs, fruit trees and berries that the previous owners had put in. The next summer, we expanded the garden and built a pig pen for the kids 4H project.

This year I have so many things I want to do. I want to build my chicken coop, do a huge garden expansion, put in more fruit trees, get some more livestock, rip out an ornamental bed and create a huge herb garden, really get serious about compost. The list goes on and on but just like in all areas of my life, I need to pace myself. I literally cannot do it all at once.

So, I am choosing to start with some things that will take time to really make a difference. I am putting in a few fruit trees, these won’t produce well this year, but I want to get them started. The sooner I start the sooner I will reap the benefits. I am doing a smaller garden expansion this year. It will double my growing space and not take quite the amount of work of the full expansion, which will come next year.

Part of my small garden expansion is my berry patch. This is something that, like the orchard, will pay off each year but should be producing this year so bonus, instant gratification. Well, as close to instant as we get when gardening.

I am also getting serious about compost, because good soil makes all the difference to your success gardening. This is another item that will take time to really make a difference, so again the sooner I start the better.

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  1. Poppi Hayes says:

    Well dang, this website is very interesting. Sounds like all your different learnings & motivations have set you in a good positive direction.
    Good job young lady.

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