The Importance of Having a Community

The Importance of Having a Community

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Having a community to support you in whatever it is you are doing is so important. Seeing what other members are doing is inspiring. You can learn so much from watching how other people are doing something. Not only that but when a question comes up or you have something new there is a good chance that someone has gone through that before and can offer support and guidance. I have had some amazing communities in my life!

Study groups

In college, we had study groups and spent time working on a particular class or project. Most of these groups were very temporary. I couldn’t tell you the people’s names or even what class we had together at this point. There were a few great friendships born of these groups though, bonds formed over a common experience, that have lasted through the years.

Mom groups

When my twins were born, I don’t know what I would have done without the ladies in the mommy group I joined. There were times when I was wondering what to do about something the kids were going through and wanted advice. There were times when just venting and learning that I was not the only one dealing with a certain issue was all I needed. While I have been around kids all my life and many of my friends had kids of different ages, there is something special about a group that is working through the same stage of life at the same time.

Now what?

How do you build a community as an (dare I say …older than I was) adult? While my kids were young there were mommy groups or school parent organizations or sports groups. My kids are not little anymore so my communities are shifting as they develop their own.

Community has always been important to me. I grew up in a small community where you knew your neighbors and I love that. When we moved to a new area and started our homestead, I wanted to meet people. I wanted to learn more about homesteading. I wanted a community that I could learn from and grow with. I was invited to lunch with a community group of neighbors. It was a great way to meet people and they are a wonderful group but the main thing we have in common is where we live.

I was then invited to another community group. The local chapter of the National Ladies Homestead Gathering was having a monthly get together. Their mission, “To share knowledge, build community and grow friendships” directly aligns with my goals. It has been such a great way to meet people and learn so many things.  We are all working to make our lives more natural, sustainable and self-sufficient. 

The National Ladies Homestead Gathering has chapters throughout the country. Go to for more information or to find a local chapter.

The Power of Community

You always hear about how you are like the people around you. If the people you hang out with are learning and growing, you are more likely to learn and grow. Finding a community that is moving in the direction you want to go can be such an incredible resource. A resource not only for information but for friendships and fellowship.

Humans are social creatures. While we can strive to be independent and self-sufficient, which is great, we thrive when we cooperate and collaborate. Social interactions are directly linked to happiness. Finding people that you have something in common with is a great way to learn and grow while having fun with new friends.

In addition to joining some amazing communities, I am also building my own. The best way to get connected, keep up on what is happening around here and participate in the conversation is by joining my newsletter list. 

Whatever it is you are interested in, find or build a community to learn and grow with. Maybe it’s a book club, maybe it’s a quilting group or maybe its your own local NLHG chapter. Tending to this part of our lives is just as important as tending to your garden or your pantry.

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  1. Valerie says:

    I am so grateful that you are part of my ever growing community ❤

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