Here you will find all the inspiration and information you need to build your homestead. I will take you with me through the journey of setting up my own homestead. It is spring so right now my focus is getting outside. I love playing in my garden but that is not all there is to homesteading. It encompasses so much more. From food preparation and preservation to animals and homemade products and crafts. Not only will I take you on the journey of growing food but learning and developing a multitude of other skills as well.

Growing your own food not only saves money but ensures that you know what is in your food. Keeping our food local is better for the environment in so many ways. Food is fresher so there is less waste and packaging going to the landfill. Greater diversity in the garden uses less chemicals and pesticides. We are conserving fossil fuels by not transporting our food around the world.

Gardening and homesteading builds community. Throughout time people have come together over the table. Learning from our neighbors and sharing the bounty of our crops is one of the most rewarding parts of growing our own food. Here we can learn and grow together.


We offer a variety of classes, personalized consulting and resources to help you plan and implement projects to grow your homestead and become more sustainable. I will share what I have learned so you can save money and feed your family healthy food from your own garden.

Learn how to plan your garden or orchard with my newest courses today! Join the discussion on my blog page or send me a message about a topic you would like to learn about. I am so excited to be on this adventure with you.


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